BiMi Beauty & Natural Health

Our Key Formulator & Naturopath

Our owner and president Sharde' Roebuck went to Lane College where she majored in chemistry with medical school as her future in mind, but after attending a graduate school conference she realized that the possibilities in the natural health field were limitless. After 10 years of studying and living naturally she decided to begin to teach and help others do the same. Sharde' has hosted wellness seminars, formulated many remedies, has seen many patients in her office for natural health consultations, and gives weekly conference calls on living healthy naturally. Currently she is our key formulator, and is currently studying to get a Doctorate in Public Health concentrating on Complementary alternative medicine.

Our Story

BiMi Beauty & Natural Health came from the owner and president's love of natural products. She got tired of spending hundreds of dollars on "name brand" products that she couldn't always use. She developed BBNH to cater to the consumers who thought out of the box, and where looking for something more than just regular. From our jasmine infused olive oil bar soaps to our special pistachio almond body butter made using essential oils. BiMi Beauty & Natural Health products gives you exactly what you have always been looking for in a body care brand.

Who We Are

BiMi Beauty & Natural Health is a company that specializes in natural health consultations, remedy formulations using essential oils, health coaching, and natural beauty products for our own private label line. We can tailor you products or natural remedies to fit any health issue you may have. You want it we can make it without all the harmful side effects of harsh chemicals.